Coldii Canada Immigration Service is a agent for Visa Smart Immigration Consultants. Visa Smart is an immigration practice consisting of regulated Canadian immigration consultants (RCIC) who are full members of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC), agents and competent and highly reliable personnel an assistant.

We take a team approach to handling each case because we believe that creating synergies through the individual contribution of our consultants, agents and employees will ensure the highest possible level of service.
As a regulated Agent for Tony Salvador RCIC R509135 we’re acting as an intermediary in the entire immigration process.

Our work is based on the experience of a large group of regulated a consultant who meets regularly to discuss difficult matters The Commission is also discussing new changes in immigration programmers. This allows us to guarantee the highest quality of service.

One of the Agents is Chris North, who speaks Polish and English and has graduated from the Immigration Practitioner Diploma : Laws, Policies and Procedures at CSIC Academy with honors. Currently one of Kris’ hobbies is to read and process appeals cases in the immigration process. As the judiciary in Canada is based on precedents, this activity gives an incredible advantage, a huge knowledge in the immigration process. This knowledge avoids mistakes and makes the whole process easier and faster.

Why choose us !!!!

  1. Our company will determine your immigration opportunities for free.
  2. If we apply on your behalf, in addition to all required documents and
    the application, we always include additional information that is supported by immigration laws and regulations. This means that we always rely on immigration law paragraphs, so the immigration officer processing your application should not refuse your application.
  3. We are familiar with immigration procedures, additional ways, legal tricks for immigration opportunities that are not available anywhere on the Internet.
  4. We are aware of all changes in immigration law. Please note that the law changes very often.
  5. We have specially developed software for immigration purposes that allows us to accurately select the best immigration paths for you.
  6. We participate in additional trainings, seminars and conferences to increase our knowledge.
  7. We have access to cases that have been dismissed by immigration officers, so that we know a lot about the mistakes made in the immigration process. This allows us to know what mistakes should be avoided.
  8. We do not charge for the initial assessment of immigration possibilities.
  9. We will give you a rich knowledge of work, school, insurance, driving license, health and life in Canada for free.
  10. In addition, we offer free assistance in finding a job for you. Your employer may pay any fees related to your immigration to Canada.

Contact us:

+1 587 716 0813