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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of using a Coldii Employment Agency?

Coldii Employment Agency can provide several advantages to both employers and job seekers. Here are some of the advantages:   Advantages for Employers: Access to a large pool of candidates: Coldii Employment Agency has a database of potential job seekers. Employers can save time and resources by accessing a larger pool of candidates from the agency rather than searching for candidates themselves. Time-saving: The agency can help employers save time by conducting initial interviews, screening candidates, and conducting background checks. This can reduce the amount of time employers spend on recruiting and hiring. Expertise in the hiring process: Coldii Employment Agency has expertise in the hiring process, including knowledge of the current job market, job descriptions, and candidate qualifications. This can help employers make more informed hiring decisions. Cost-saving: Hiring through an agency can be cost-effective compared to the costs of advertising, interviewing, and screening candidates. Flexibility: Coldii Employment Agency can provide temporary or permanent staffing solutions for employers.   Advantages for Job Seekers: Access to job opportunities: Job seekers can access job opportunities that they may not have found on their own. Expertise and guidance: The agency can provide guidance and support to job seekers in areas such as resume writing, interviewing skills, and job search strategies.   Screening and matching: Coldii Employment Agency screens job seekers and matches them to appropriate job opportunities based on their skills, qualifications, and preferences. Temporary work: The agency can provide temporary work opportunities that can help job seekers gain experience and build their resumes. Negotiation: The agency can negotiate salary, benefits, and other terms on behalf of the job seeker, which can be beneficial for those who are not comfortable negotiating on their own.   Overall, Coldii Employment Agency can provide valuable services to both employers and job seekers, making the hiring process more efficient and effective for all parties involved.

How much does it cost to use a staffing agency?

The cost of using our agency can vary depending on a variety of factors, including the type of positions being filled, the level of expertise required, and the geographic location of the agency. Coldii Employment Agencies charge fees based on a percentage of the employee's salary or hourly rate, which is paid by the employer.

How does Coldii Employment Agency have so many candidates?

-Job Boards: Coldii Employment Agency may advertise job openings on job boards like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed, Monster, and other job search websites. This can attract candidates who are actively seeking employment. -Referrals: The agency may have a referral program in place, where current or past employees can refer friends, family, or colleagues to the agency. Referrals can be a valuable source of quality candidates. -Social Media: Coldii Employment Agency may use social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to promote job openings and attract candidates. These platforms can also be used to engage with potential candidates and build a community of job seekers. -Networking: The agency may attend job fairs, industry events, and conferences to meet potential job seekers and build relationships with them. -Database: Coldii Employment Agency maintains a database of job seekers who have registered with the agency. This database may include resumes, work experience, education, and other relevant information.   Overall, Coldii Employment Agency uses a combination of strategies to attract and source potential job seekers, which enables them to have access to a large pool of candidates for their clients. The agency may also use various screening and matching processes to ensure that the candidates they present to employers are qualified and suitable for the job.  

How to contact us ?

The best method to contact us is to sign up through the contact form or send an email. - First of all, we have all correspondence in the archive and at any time we can go back to the past. - Secondly, thanks to this we do not need to employ additional people, which reduces operating costs. Thanks to this we can be more competitive and cheaper. - Thirdly, our offer will be more precise and better, because we will have time to think through all your questions and tailor an offer specifically for you.

How can I pay for my purchases?

1. payment options are provided in our store. 2. We issue invoices on the basis of which you can make payments by check or e-transfer.

What is the telephone contact ?

If you have questions and would like to speak with a person representing Coldii Empolyment Agency , Please Call +1 587 716 0813